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Paced breathing meditation in tune with your heart

Find Your Balance

Try our 5-minute Resonance session to connect with your breath and find a moment of calm in your day.


Take a Breath, Calm Your Heart.

Take a Breath, Calm Your Heart.

Have you ever noticed that slowing your breathing slows everything else down in your body as well? Resonance, a paced breathing meditation, was developed by scientists to work with this natural reflex to build and train resilience to mental and physical stress in our internal systems. Decades of studies have shown that Resonance has been effective in improving focus, calming anxiety, and preparing for improved performance in athletics and other demanding situations.

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Developed for Performance

Developed for Performance

Resonance was developed through the study of Heart Rate Variability, pioneered in the Russian cosmonaut program in the 1960s. Scientists found that paced Resonance breathing enabled the cosmonauts to control their heart rate patterns, and was very effective in helping them thrive under the physical and mental stresses of work in space. After this initial breakthrough, dozens of additional studies were performed showing similar benefits for submarine operators, fighter pilots, and others working in extreme environments.


In the 1990’s, research was expanded to Olympic wrestlers, and Resonance training was proven to have a significant positive effect on reflexes and muscle relaxation. From 1968 onward these studies were lead by Evgeny Vaschillo, who worked closely with Caeden to develop our own Resonance program.


Building Resilience to Stress

Building Resilience to Stress

Your Autonomic Nervous System has two branches: the stress response (Sympathetic) and the calm response (Parasympathetic). These two sides are in a constant tug-of-war to control all of your subconscious body functions and determine how you instinctively respond to different situations in your life. A strong stress response is healthy and keeps you focused in key moments, but only if activated sparingly. Chronic stress dulls your engagement with everyday life, and your ability to ramp up performance when it really counts. Resonance works with your cardiovascular and nervous system patterns to train and strengthen the Parasympathetic response, helping you to fight against chronic stress and restore balance to your system.

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Heart Rate Variability:
Next Generation Health Metric

Heart Rate Variability:<br> Next Generation Health Metric

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a very complex but extremely useful metric—it requires a measurement over ten times more accurate than standard BPM in order to record the exact variation in timing of each successive heartbeat peak. In general, higher HRV is better, as this means that your systems are more adaptable to changes in your environment. When you are tired, stressed, or overtrained, your body is too busy trying to recover and can’t adapt as gracefully to your environment, resulting in a lower HRV score.

We use instantaneous HRV to measure how your heart is responding during Resonance sessions. We use HRV measured over a day to determine how healthy your overall system is that day, and if you are showing signs of chronic stress. The best ways to increase your HRV measurements are through regular Resonance sessions and Active Time, putting you on a path to improve your overall health for both mind and body.

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Try a Sample Resonance Session

Try our 5-minute Resonance session to connect with your breath and find a moment of calm in your day.

The Caeden App

Tracking and Goals for Mind & Body

Sona connects to the Caeden app over Bluetooth® to help you track your daily Resonance and Active Time goals, and keep your health in balance.

Breathing Meditation for Focus and Calm

The Caeden app comes loaded with Resonance sessions — tools to guide you, not just charts. Caeden has co-developed these sessions with leading scientists, and each includes a visual breathing pacer and audio guidance targeted toward your goals.

Active Time: A More Meaningful Way to Measure Activity

Track your Active Time, heart rate, calories burned, steps, and distance with interactive graphs over days, weeks, or months. Compatible with Apple HealthKit— take your data wherever you’d like.

Heart Health: Build your Inner Strength

Monitor your daily resting heart rate and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to understand your heart health and stress levels.

Calendar View: Track your Progress over Time

Easily view your daily progress and achievements as you progress toward improved health and wellness.

Sona Connected Bracelet

Wearable technology to optimize mind and body performance. Connects to the Caeden App to help you achieve your wellness goals. For iPhones with iOS 9 or higher.


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